Dr Solomon's

Two complete exhibition stand builds in consecutive years-1997 and 1998.

1997-Galleon. Constructed and painted to resemble deck of a sixteenth century galleon with fo'csle cabin. Various props also made or hired in: main mast, sails, various rope ladders, canon etc. 5 specially made workstations in steel clad in themed MDF to take computers and monitors.

1998-Gothic mansion. Again constructed in MDF, ply and timber but painted throughout with stonework finish to resemble mansion including turrets etc. Specially made props included: gargoyles carved in polystyrene, stained glass windows, pierced wrought-iron gates and sarcophogii in MDF, workstations in steel, clad in painted MDF, painting over mantle which included motorized moving eyes. Hired-in props included a suit of armour and various medieval-type weapons.

Design: Innervisions