TV commercial for new Tesco store in North London. Motion-control sequence featuring 1 large model of supermarket with shots of 3 larger scale models of specific areas of store-bank, bakery, checkouts intercut. End of sequence has the camera pulling out of the interior and up, allowing two actors to place the roof on. The shot then mixes with one of the real store shot from an elevated platform. Models made mainly in Perspex. Model base size approximately 3mx4m.

Production company: Creative Partners.


TV commercial for board game. Commercial begins with camera tracking over ocean towards rocky island with Atlantis product name/logo on top. As we draw closer, the island and logo explode. The island was made of polyurethane foam as was the logo. These were made complete, then cut into pieces, numbered, re-assembled, and dressed in the studio, sitting in a 5m square tank of water. The explosion was achieved using an air ram inside the island. Each fragment of the island and logo had to be weighted to ensure that it sank into the water after the explosion. All the pieces had to be numbered so re-assembly would be relatively straightforward should it not work at the first take–fortunately it did! The sequence then continues with a large slimey green sea monster emerging from the water and looming over a pair of appropriately costumed actors playing the board game. The monster costume was a prosthetic head and upper body piece in latex and cushion foam with long specially made glove/arm pieces with claw-like hands.

Production company: Abacu