Hello—thank you for visiting our website.
We are Stephen Greenfield Modelmakers, a team of professional modelmakers involved in producing an amazing variety of models, props, sets, prototypes, effects, awards, costumes and displays for many different clients.

We have been working as professional modelmakers for about 30 years so there are few problems we haven't had to solve and few materials and techniques we haven't employed doing so.

The team of professional modelmakers we have includes sculptors, mould makers, costumiers, scenic artists, engineers and designers as well as modelmakers.

Our worldwide client list includes designers, TV and film production companies, photographers, museums and galleries, advertising agencies, exhibition contractors and designers, fashion houses, shipping companies, banks and publishers.

As you will see from the pictures, there isn't really anything a team of professional modelmakers such as ours cannot do, no matter how large or small, whether it's a one-off or multiples.

If you have a problem you need solving or an idea you need brought to life, please give Stephen a call or send an email. I'm sure we can help—in the meantime, please enjoy the pictures.